All Aboard the Gourmet Express


If your philosophy is that ‘it’s the journey, not just the destination’, then the four-hour steam locomotive trip to Victoria Falls from Livingstone is perfect for you. From the moment you step onto the red carpet and are promptly handed a chilled drink as you board the Royal Livingstone Express vintage train, it becomes apparent that the journey will include platinum service and fine dining. As you surrender to the pace of a bygone era and the rhythmic, gentle swaying of the carriage, your mind settles into a meditative state.

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Grub’s Up! The Science Of Larval Therapy



The prevalence of ‘incidental maggots’ is well documented in World War I, particularly in the case of wounded foot soldiers who, after spending weeks in the trenches, were transferred to field hospitals for treatment. Their foul-smelling dressings led surgeons to expect the worst decomposition and infection. What they found instead were perfectly clean wounds. Incidental maggots had been at work, removing the dead flesh, destroying the bacteria and promoting healing.

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