Silver Bullets in Medicine

With the world in a period of flux – some might argue crisis – solutions-driven thinking is more important than ever. Innovation in healthcare is becoming a major global focus as medical-related organisations face unprecedented challenges to improve quality and access, increase efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce harm and infection, while containing costs. But it takes resolute, lateral thinkers to focus unwaveringly on the problem until a solution is found. Once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovative solution. 

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A Quantum Leap In Implantology

Imagine an implant that not only supports a bone while it is healing but is reintegrated into it. Imagine that the implant   is made of an element that is the natural base of our bones and is also a biological nutrient. Imagine that after a few years, radiologists studying X-rays can no longer differentiate between the original bone and the implant because it has been seamlessly assimilated into the body’s skeleton. Could that happen?

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The Mother of All Movie Locations

San Francisco, 1890: the cobblestones in  the  narrow alley are scattered with horse dung and a washing line is strung between roofs. Cluttered, chaotic and utterly believable, the year is actually 2019 and this is ‘Chinatown’ at the Cape Town Film Studios. More than 600 crew and 390 businesses are working on Warrior, a Bruce Lee-inspired TV series being filmed locally. it’s just one of the constructed sets under wraps here.

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