Zermatt – skiing on top of the world

Zermatt’s world-famous reputation as a top ski resort began badly. From the late 1880s, driven by the spirit of adventure, mountain-conquering British lords and gentlemen felt the desire to discover the unknown − the untamed Alpine world − and pit their strength and skills against it. The 4 478-metre Matterhorn, which dominated the skyline of the town, was a tempting challenge.

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Audi A6 in Abu Dhabi


Travelling to Abu Dhabi is akin to teleporting to another planet. In another galaxy. An eclectic mix of futuristic design, technology and architecture has transformed a blank and very sandy canvas into a monument to hard-edged opulence. Let it be said, though, that there is no more comfortable way to do this intergalactic travel than prostrate in the pointy end of the aeroplane.  Which was how Audi conveyed a group of lifestyle journalists to Abu Dhabi, a pivotal new age city which constitutes 87% of the seven countries making up the United Arab Emirates.  Abu Dhabi is so the new Dubai. In fact, rumour has it that the powers-that-be watched from the wings while Dubai sprang magnificently out of the desert. Then built one better…

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Shark attack – Achmat Hassiem


Achmat had to cut 18 seconds off his 100m butterfly time to meet the Olympic qualifying time of 1 minute 3 seconds.  It is an incredible achievement considering that shaving even one second off your race time takes hours and hours of training. His not only qualifying for the Beijing Olympics in 2008,  but coming ninth, was an extraordinary feat for any sportsman.  Achmat followed this by cruising into the butterfly and freestyle finals at the 2010 World IPC swimming championships in Holland and setting all Africa records.  This year at the Midmar Mile, he tested his mettle against 200 swimmers amongst them Duzi canoeists and Iron Man competitors and won the event.  He has set his sights on winning a medal at the 2012 Olympics.  Achmat is both driven and humble. It comes as no surprise that his sponsors Foot Gear and Mitsubishi have been right behind him.

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