A Healthcare Case Study: A Sequence Of Miracles And Sustainable Collaboration



It all started with the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) being tasked by Government in 2009, to ensure business participates in the HIV Counselling and Testing Campaign (HCT) with the Global Fund as the international funding agency. This was in line with the goals set out in the Government’s National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV, STIs and TB:

  • To foster stronger working relationships between the private sector, the Department of Health (DoH), SANAC and the provincial AIDS councils
  • To assist with a revitalised HCT campaign through fast tracking of HIV and TB screening within companies and communities


The Global Fund not only provides funding for campaigns that fight HIV, TB and Malaria in needy countries but promotes partnerships between Governments, civil society, the private sector and affected communities. This is done by relaying country ownership and performance-based funding for communicable diseases in these countries. SABCOHA and EOH Workplace Health and Wellness (EOH) rallied to Government’s call.


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